Zion stars roar: Elders smirk

There is a distinct difference from the majority of Jewish people who are caught in the middle of a war between double agents & propaganda. The majority of the people who populace the land renamed “Israel” are indeed innocent bystanders. The Zionist Govt is not innocent. The Israeli government is the Empires stronghold in the Middle-East. Its merely another faction of the Empire which manipulates the minds & hearts of the people while promoting violence on both sides of a created War between the citizen pawns of Palestine & Israel. The blur of religion, ethnicity & spirituality was forged in the state of Israel to create a special battery-bomb. This self detonating battery/bomb periodically explodes to produce energy for WAR, impetus for political direction & clouds of religious smoke which are used to further the global agenda of the Empire. The battery-Bomb called Israel re-ignites itself into a revolving door of conflict because its origins are built on the quicksand of propaganda, displacement &  mob rule ethics.  As long as propaganda is reinforced & history is disfigured & censored the ills of this government will remain hidden. Detach from the puppeteers who march you in battles for & against other man made puppets.

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