Holy Days

The ceremony of the holiday is as American as apple pie yet most Americans don’t have a clue about the origins of their holidays (holy days). This shameful fact is only one example of the trance that has millions of people asleep. We are taught to celebrate men like Columbus and King James. What does REAL history tell us about  them? As we honor soldiers of war and plunderers as discoverers. Bringers of death and disease as liberators bearing freedom and salvation. Manifest Destiny. Research history and realize that countless millions upon countless millions of indigenous Natives  were decimated and entire cultures eradicated in the name of exploration and salvation.

Have u found out who King James was?..As you usher your children to church have you researched what went down at  the Council of Nicea 325 a.d?.. Do you know what was going on in the world at the time of “Jesus” aka Serapis?.. What was going on in the world between 100 b.c & 100 a.d?.. Who was Alexander &  Constantine & how do both Empires relate to the modern day Holy Roman Empire? How is the emergence of the Christian-Jewish & Muslim faith so interrelated yet so savagely at odds..

Research will provide the answers for you.

How many steps have you taken to unravel the mysteries of where you really come from? Are you able to provide valid answers when the innocence of your child questions this bizzarro world we live in?..or have you stopped feeding yourself with independent thought, wisdom & knowledge like a child yourself sitting in a high chair being spoon fed your blind faith religion, your blind faith in money, your blind faith in your government and your blind faith that your world system is all that is and all that can be.

The tentacles of the Empire have clasp their talons upon the spiritual ceilings of our being and its base forms the deadening roots which intertwine within the fabric of our existence..if we allow it! Our worlds are upside down as time is inverted. We honor death through War and self crucify our own empowerment. Blind Faith is the ignorance of a chainless slave. Being made to pay attention to some far off distant salvation can indeed quiet the rattles of the chains and tighten the tubes that ensnare the soul of the captivated man & woman. Our spiritual growth has been stunted by the design of the outfits we have chosen to wear ..the hand me downs of our shackled ancestors and the remnants of our stolen legacies.Unplug. -Stray the WordSmith

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