American Pyramids

In addition to the pyramids, burial practices, & Egyptian (KMT-ian) styled huts which dominated North & South America, similarities between Egyptian (KMT-ian)  and “Native American” mythology, religion, art, sculpture, music, the drum, incantation, face markings, war paint, spirit world identification have survived through the art of our shared symbolism & bloodline heritage

The feathers of Maat carried the balance of life across the Atlantic. The concepts of the pyramid and its healing properties are not some random coincidence. Tipi’s and the tales of the bird & snake populated this land and echoed the ancient trade routes and spiritual marriage between the Asian & Olmec explorers of the ancient “New World”.

This is not an Afrocentric stance of arrogance by attempting to engulf the life of Native culture or any racial group but rather to embrace my planetary brothers, sisters  & cousins of the very same spirit that was once united eons ago. A frica is simply a land renamed and a place disfigured. We are united by its creative force & spiritual bloodline. All shades all hues all religions and all creeds  share the universe as 1 source. We have been segregated in location as well as mind and spirit. We are all native, all african all “Indian” all Asian, we are all one individual expression being expressed in different hues. We eventally developed our own personalities and behaviors as we settled in lands away from our origin. Each settlement evolved into great nations, yet most forgot about their origin. Each great nation has raised the bar of developing the human mind and cultivating the hue man spirit. Yet, still your mother is forsaken. Individuality concerning cultural achievement & acknowledgment are indeed valid & important designations, but in order to fully embrace your own true self, one must reconcile the great fraud of history that systematically has set out to veil the accomplishments of A frica: Every cultures home away from home. Reclaim your  power of origin & extended family. The communal source awaits your return. The place of the Sun. The throne of humanity.

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