The Fall of Holy Days

The poly-verse is forever alive and constantly in motion.

We are microcosms of the cosmos and our world is a microcosm of us.

Our internal sun rises and falls to keep the cycle of life flowing from day to day. The sun of man. God’s sun.

We rise in the spring as we bloom like flowers and then simmer in the summer at the sun’s peak;

We wither and start to “fall” as our sun declines. This celestial drama is veiled within our vessel bodies as well as within all the religions of the world. We must be crucified to resurrect in order to begin anew…and so does our planet.

As it is above, so it is below. The fall equinox and winter solstice mark the FALL of the year as the coming of the seasons reflect our revolution in the symphony of life. Civilizations have celebrated these basic truths since the beginning of time.

These truths have been disguised, disfigured and misguided among the many parables, legends, allegories and ceremonies which have lost their spirit in the fog of ignorance and symbolic illiteracy.

We are living in a corporate machine which has cast a hypnotic template over the social construct in which we live. This subversive element has pervaded our education, our spiritual centers and even our day to day celebrations and long standing traditions.

The root of a tree determines the health and intention of that tree, just as the behavior and nature of a tree is revealed by the fruit it bears. We must acknowledge reality in history if we are to maintain sanity and healthy direction.

Death, destruction and decay are currently honored with lust, materialism, ignorance, exploitation and violence. These are the prevailing traits that our society celebrates and thrives on like the Roman gods who eat their young.

This may help one understand the ceremonies of death which begin as we enter the “fall”:

Columbus day

The brief history of the criminal known as Columbus:

Christopher Colombo (known as Columbus) was an Italian Jew in the service of Spain. He was financed by the crown to seek land and subjects to serve the King and Queen. In his first imperialistic voyage he was guided by an African seaman with Moorish roots; The

Moors left Europe with extensive knowledge and detailed maps of the seas. Africans had been trading and crossing the great

oceans for thousands of years. Armed with this knowledge Columbus sailed to the Bahamas, Cuba and Santo Domingo (Haiti & Dominican Republic) and then back to Spain.

Upon returning back to Spain, Columbus reported to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella that the inhabitants of the “discovered” island (whom he referred to as “Indios” ) were among the most peaceful and hospitable people he had ever encountered. He referred to the Natives as “sweet and gentle”.

This was not the image of savagery, cannibalism and “need for Jesus” that was propagandized in our history books in efforts to legitimize the wholesale slaughter of these peaceful Natives.

Columbus recommends that these friendly people be “made to work, sow and do all the necessary things to adopt our ways.” This was the beginning of imperialism and the European’s rationalization of invasion and enslavement. The “indios” were viewed as sub-human savages who later were brutally ravaged even more by the bible toting missionaries and Jesuit priests who killed these “peaceful indios” by the tens of thousands in their barbaric attempts at “Christian conversion”.

This was the early phases of global white supremacy and its justification for homicidal domination and conquest. Religious propaganda and  social engineering began with this “exploration”.

This early form of Manifest Destiny was merely one political tool used to validate the Native American Holocaust and resolve the horror and guilt imbedded in the pathological arrogant ego of the white “explorer” aka exploiter as they arrived in the New World.

During his second voyage (1493-1496) Columbus encountered Dominica, Puerto Rico and various other Caribbean islands. This second invasion included over 1500 European colonist and opened the new world to Spanish conquest and further European invasion.

Columbus never actually set foot in the land renamed America.

Columbus was financed by Spain to bring back exploited riches and seize land for the Spanish crown.  Along the way he raped, tortured and pillaged in accord with his avaricious goals.

Spain demanded gold, silver and expansion territory to rival the other European monarchs and companies who were now racing to bleed the new world of its resources and inhabitants. Columbus opened the door to the decimation of the original “Americans” and the multi-billion dollar African slave trade that would soon follow in the building of this new world.

In 1517 Bishop Bartholomew Las Casa, who sailed with Columbus to Hispaniola and Cuba where hoards of Natives were savagely murdered by Columbus and his crew members (not to mention the hundreds killed by European diseases, which became effective germ warfare), obtained royal permission from King Ferdinand of Spain and permission from God’s head man in charge on Earth, The Pope of Rome, to import Afrikan slaves to Spanish colonies.

How dare you celebrate this man and his murderous “explorations”!

Halloween….All Hollows Eve

It’s so fun to play, laugh and smile with your family. Of course we all like candy and surprises and dressing up and role playing can of course be so much fun. Does this mean we don’t have a responsibility to our soul and spirit to guard against the celebration of death and despair?

The Roman Catholic Church designated October 31st as All Hollows Eve or eve of the holy day in prelude to their November 1st All Saints Day.

The earliest Halloween celebrations came to us from the pre Christian Druids in honor of Samhain, lord of the dead. Samhain can be translated as “summers end”. It was Druidic belief that at the eve of this festival (October 31st) the lord of death, complete with his sickle and black robe (like your priest and judge), condemned the wicked souls of the past 12 months to inhabit the bodies of animals, creating monsters and spiritual aberrations.

The Druids were an ancient order of priests in Gaul and Britain. (they are said to still gather at Stonehenge). The ancients believed that on this evening the souls of the dead returned to their original homes and bodies. There was a prevailing belief that the souls of good men were taken possession of by good spirits and taken to paradise, but the souls of wicked men were left to wander in the space between the Earth and the Moon, the unseen world. In order to be freed from the demonic possession of these evil ghosts one would have to set out food -give the demon a treat- and provide shelter for the demons at night. If the evil spirits were satisfied with your treat they would leave you in peace, if they were not they were believed to “trick” you and cast an evil spell on you causing havoc and chaos.

The Celts also had a long standing tradition of celebrating October 31st as their new years eve. They originally intended it as a celebration of everything wicked, evil and dead. They would gather around bonfires and sacrifice cops, food and human lives while adorning costumes and masks from the heads and skins of animals. The Romans conquered the Celts around 43 A.D and left much of the celebration unscathed.

The witch hunts that claimed the lives of thousands of women of the early American colonies, the savage torture of the Native from the Christian settlers, the barbaric practice of slavery as well as the long history of wicked celebrations in Europe all left their imprint among the American traditions.

The Jack-o-Lantern is a perfect example. Seemingly an innocent and harmless ornament for Halloween, this ancient symbol represented a damned soul. Jack-O-Lanterns were named after a man called “Jack”, who could not enter heaven or hell. He was doomed to wander in darkness with his lantern until judgment day.

So what spirits and concepts do you honor when displaying these symbols in your home and dress your child in these wicked reenactments of evil, death and damned souls?

I will give a brief overview of Thanks Taking day and Saturnalia (Christmas) but there will be more detailed explanations and revelations concerning these “holy days” as the end of the year progresses.

Thanks Taking day

The day celebrated as Thanksgiving is simply a bold face lie and a blasphemous celebration of death and deceit. Diseased pilgrims were sponsored by various European factions and monarchs to establish colonies or “companies” here in the new world. Several early attempts were made to create colonies in America and many initially failed miserably. The original settlers were consistently on the verge of starvation and delirium until the Natives here in the Americas taught them how to hunt and prepare food in order to survive.

Once the pilgrims regained strength and learned survival technique and the winter poverty subsided, the pilgrims systematically killed and enslaved millions of these very same “helpful” Natives. The symbol of the corn, the wild turkey and the imagery of the pious Pilgrim sitting alongside the primitive Indian” is one of the most sickening displays of distorting history and white supremacist brainwashing.  We cannot be allowed to bury these images in our celebrations or ignore the reality of what these celebrated men really “accomplished”.

Xmas…Saturnalia…The Roman “pagan” Holy day is celebrated December 25th. It stemmed from the worship of Saturn (which underlies much of the Christian, religious and social ceremonies we perform still today) and the reborn star. The three wise men that follow the North Star simply refer to Orion’s belt. The 3 days of the “Christ resurrection” drama originally unfolds in the “heavens” as the son (the sun of Man, God’s Sun) descends for three days only to be reborn and reunited. There are various Nordic and Celtic traditions that have added to the symbolism of the pine tree and its capstone star.

The small heads adorned as ornaments, the flying reindeer and the fat white man named Saint Nick who slides down your chimney in the middle of the night to take credit for all the gifts your parents slaved for is symbolic…all this symbolism will be further explored in proceeding articles as we move closer to this celebration of materialism and Roman subjugation.

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