The Queen bee’s Instinct


When any species loses its INSTINCT it is then on the fast rode to destruction.. impeding extinction. The plight of the Bumble bee and its Queen is likened to the people of color & our Queens. The Queen bee of both realms are under the same attack by the Empire that CURRENTLY rules the world.

There are many cultures which I classify as people of color or those within the culture of sun people. The culture & people of the sun refers to those who are respectful of nature, truth and fellow man-woman. The Black people upon this planet are the originators of this sun culture & the true guardians of the lost science of elevating spirituality & civilization through natural balance. Within our melanin genetics we hold the natural keys for creation & balance. Maat.

The balance of our natural state of being is under attack by a homicidal TOXIC Empire. This Empire has fostered a culture of conquest, materialism, consumption and most of all death around the globe. The fixation upon hoarding temporal comforts & consumption leads to the deterioration of our will and the stunting of our consciousness. Our Queen’s natural instinct and her connection with nature and spirit is lost in this process. She kneels to a man of a different race when she sees him crucified to a closed cross. INRI boldly spelled atop. She is in a trance…as she now teachers her children to worship death.

The manifestation of theoretical toxins, pesticides  & many other man-made by-products pollute the minds, hearts & the natural environment of our earth & all its inhabitants. This Empire conditioned culture in which we live in today honors war, death & heartless capitalizing under guises of freedom, convenience and modern civilization.

The disregard for instinct and the disrespect of our natural origins bring about an exodus of empowerment & a new age of enslavement. We must prevent the instinct of either Queen bee (our Black women & our Insect Bees) from becoming extinct.

Our natural  instinct as spiritual beings is being destroyed!

The majority of the world has been transformed into natural killers, consumers, & destroyers. Toxins & pollutants have eroded and rewired our instincts towards nature. Humanity has taken a new form in the last 2000 years. We are now seeing the sharp rise of a corporate robotic man and as a result we will see natural creation (nature) rapidly decline in the shade.  We are cap-stoning our transformation into a super mechanical world.

The Queen bee and the woman of the sun (Black women in particular) are under vicious attack.  The strength, power & overall respect of the Black woman is constantly under siege. Her natural instinct, image and overall being looses expression in the confines of this Euro male dominated corporate reality. In many cases she loses her entire natural genetic makeup and so she cannot properly guide nor orchestrate her hive… resulting in her inability to naturally populate the earth.

The exodus of the Queen bee in nature has occurred because of the pollutants & toxins which systematically contaminate her INSTINCT to properly rule & guide her hive and thus naturally pollinate-feed the world.  Instinctively mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually.

The inheritance of the ancient world has been usurped. Like the Queen bee, our natural instinct has been mutated. Our instinctive functions are lost and thus the cycles of generation & regeneration are in jeopardy. The Bumble bee has been genetically altered by decades of exposure to toxins and other unnatural ways of life. This alteration has rewired her INSTINCT (genetic code). She isn’t even aware that anything has been lost. Revitalize your natural INSTINCT properly. Balance in order to reclaim your throne.

Balance will be the only thing that offsets the Queen Bee Exodus.

(excerpts from The Queen Bee -copyright 2009)

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