High Science is not Sci -Fi

High Science is not Sci -Fi

The keys to understanding your world rest upon the understanding of yourself & the inner-workings of your own being. This is no attempt at figurative symbolism but rather a literal path to real science. The separation of our spiritual subjects from your physical subjects has produced the most intellectualized DUMBASS society ever created.

We are taught to separate subjects into “concentrations” meanwhile we remain ignorant of the universal laws and the natural commonalities between all subjects of higher learning. The very spirit of a function, an equation, an organ, and even an atom is lost in translation. Yet “degrees” are given to those that can regurgitate the filtered down spoon-fed doctrines of an establishment that deems what is truth & what is fantasy. .what is rational & what is insanity.

This process in modernization has produced a stagnant scientific world & an arrogant society of know it alls who don’t know anything. The high sciences of “sight”, transmutation, regeneration, astral projection, telepathy & even hypnosis are lost to the fantasy world which this system has strategically implemented in efforts to maintain this dumbed down society.  Our interest in the natural world & the planes of the spiritual world is  transplanted with science fiction. By ruling what is deemed as fiction or non fiction, possible or impossible, practical or impractical you are kept within the confines of an established mental cage. Anything outside this cage of imposed definition, truth & reality is deemed as fantasy, entertainment, insanity, or even paranormal “magic”. This conditioning is so strong that the average “intellectual” turns towards the mental escape of sci-fi. Thus science merely becomes an acceptance of stale “facts”. The “knowns” are given and the “x”’s  (unknowns) are deemed as fictional mysteries.

The spirit of science is lost at the moment, within the confines of the Empire’s  grasp. Lost in Space, Buck Rodgers, Star Trek,  Star Wars, E.T, Alladin, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, Xmen, Terminator,  Heros,  etc etc all keep you entertained and your mind conditioned & idle. Conditioning your mind to define specific possibilities as either fact or fiction encapsulates your attention and limits your mental potential. Science has been transformed into an assembly line and science fiction keeps you focused on staying within accepted theories while you do your part to continue the stagnation of being an “intellectual”.

Spoonfed doctrine & “belief” systems (like blind faith) keep the masses focused upon an external fictional world where you cannot ever really reach.. So paranormal becomes spooky & spirits become distance & strange.. reincarnation & regeneration become “magical”  and you become nothing but a dying piece of flesh. Introspect your own atoms & redefine your own universe. The creative power of “God” is within us all.. to unravel, decode & reclaim.

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