Triangular Atlantic trade:Conservative inquisition or good ol’ American brainwashing?

Replacing the slave trade- from your wrist to your mind.

The Slave trade is now being rewritten as the “Triangular Atlantic trade” in Texas school textbooks!!!!  No, seriously. This is not a spoof from SNL or the latest gasp from Family Guy nor some rant from a “left wing” conspiracy theorist. This is the 2010 “colorblind” world we have found ourselves living in. The Texas school board has proposed to rewrite text books concerning slavery, capitalism and even McCarthyism (the red scare) or even more bluntly stated: Texas lawyers & politicians have passed a law aimed at NOT teaching your children about historical FACTS. Ripley’s believe it or not here is the Triangular Atlantic trade. This “conservative” Christian Republican majority, who run the Texas board of education, regularly revise state standards. They are allowed to do this here far more than in most states. The elected board is entrusted to write standards itself, rather than merely approve them.

The 10-5 Republican majority board, including a coalition of seven conservatives, has pushed what seems to be an insidious agenda. The agenda is an obvious attempt to white wash America’s horrific past and to cover-up links to America’s cloudy present.. This reminds me of the “Afrikaans” post-colonial residue in S. Africa or the “illegal alien” Mexicans in Arizona, whose ancestors are indigenous of the very land in which they are now considered “illegal”.

In 20 yrs will your children be taught European Christians are the native indigenous people of these lands we now call America? Will your children go back to being taught by Christian conservatives that the world was created in 4000 bc? Or just continue to be indoctrinated with the normal blond haired and blue eyed Jesus & the Santa Claus look-a-like “God” depictions?

Texan “conservatives” claimed the previous text books were too liberal! Most textbooks in circulation among schools already grossly minimize the slave trade and contributions of non European cultures. Where invaders & plunderers like Columbus & Cortez are honored with “holidays” and highlights in “history”, the “Native-American-Indian” & African diaspora holocaust is virtually ignored. Non white contribution to civilization already failed to be honored in most classrooms. Now they even want to erase facts with sweet sounding words like Atlantic free trade, expansionism & free enterprise.

The reason why this is not just some passing tobacco spittin’ fad in rural Texas is because Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks in the country and therefore it has the capitalistic power to change and rewrite history books. Smaller states that don’t have enough textbook buying power would essentially have to read and study this new version of HIS –story.

Perhaps it should be more aptly tagged “HER-story” Her Manifest destiny Texas school board member Cynthia Dunbar, who home-schools her children and says sending them to local schools would be like “throwing them in the enemy’s flames,” says the changes she backs are all about “fighting for our children’s education and our nation’s future.” Some of the changes include:

• Slave trade renamed Atlantic triangular trade.

• American imperialism changed to expansionism.

• Capitalism replaced with free enterprise.

*Students would also be required to learn about the negative side of Title IX, affirmative action and The Great Society.

They will also study more recent conservative icons, such as Phyllis Schlafly, The Heritage Foundation and The Moral Majority. Finally, there is a proposal to minimize the role of Thomas Jefferson, who argued for the separation of church and state, and to place more emphasis on how much the Founding Fathers were driven by Christian principles. So boldly changing the slave trade into the easy to swallow Triangular Atlantic Trade is only the beginning .

Cynthia Dunbar -“In Texas we have certain statutory obligations to promote patriotism and to promote the free enterprise system. There seems to have been a move away from a patriotic ideology,” she said in a recent interview with the U.K. Guardian. “There seems to be a denial that this was a nation founded under God. We had to go back and make some corrections.”

Cynthia Dunbar along with other lynch mob conservative board members like Don McLeroy believe our country was ‘Founded under God’. Would a country founded under God flourish by deadly conquest for hundreds of years and build its economy on the blood & sweat of captured slaves and imperialistic land invasions? Only later to be renamed “explorations” & expansions. Would a nation founded under God decimate an entire race of people and eradicate its culture, natural earth and sacred animals? Or more specifically drop the atomic bomb? Or continue to invade non-threatening nations? Or take hundreds of years to slightly acknowledge equal civil rights for all races, sexes & creeds? We still struggle even today with blatant institutionalized sexism & racism. Founded under God?

Did God tell these early Christians to trade, enslave, kill & torture innocent men, women & children of “Africa”? Does this make any rational sense? Or does it make more sense that this country was founded under TRADE, money, capitalism & capitalizing, deception & enslaving, exploration & conquest? Religion rationalized the violence and pacified the guilt not God.

Today we even find both the World Health Organization & Food-Drug Administration under the TRADE Organization. Trade equals money. The word “God” is entrusted on your dollar bill in this land. Literally! These same conservative zealots who have led every American hunt from the cruel inquisition to the absurd witch hunts of Salem and beyond. They still hunt today as self proclaimed purifiers of humanity. They hunt all who challenge its exploitation, capitalism or Euro male supremacy paradigm. They claim to be beacons of patriotism, where terms like pre-emptive war and operation freedom are applied only where there is economic interest or “ethnic cleansing”.

Freedom in this society comes by way of capitalizing. A chosen few MANAGE to hoard the resources, while the crumbs of material waste roll down the societal pyramid among the necessary hierarchal underclass. This is capitalism’s blueprint. Religion has been used to sedate the wounded & clear the guilt of the oppressor. Racial group inclusion/exclusion (Racism) is needed in order to keep the colorful working underclass competing with each other and thereby controlled.

Fear, division & war have shaped this American foundation…meanwhile distorted Christianized values have been used throughout the years to pacify the conquered tribes of the land. The men & women in America -black, white, brown, red, & yellow- coagulated in this social experiment we call the USA. We are now shocked when a poisonous cake is baked within this corporate oven by this society’s greed, lust, arrogance & ignorance.

One can bear witness to this poison if you take notice…There is no other place on earth where justice is so overtly disfigured, war is so ignorantly rationalized, the land of the free is so superficially boasted & where Families get “reelected” over & over like the Bush, Kissinger & Rockefeller cartels (yes Obama is among them)…and obviously where the pathology of white supremacy is so intertwined in the fabric of this nation that the whiting out of facts and insertion of propaganda can be passed as law.

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