The remnants of a civilized world can still be seen spread across all continents like an enormous jigsaw puzzle. From the lands we know as Africa to the relative eastern borders we know now as Asia, a highly advanced civilization once ruled the land masses of the earth. This civilization was already old & mature even as early as 10, 000 b.c. We are now trapped in a matrix that conditions our minds and hearts into accepting that “civilization” started with the emergence of Greek states some 8-9 thousand years later. This perverted linear perception of civilization that we currently follow defies all records of history, science & common sense. Yet in today’s day common sense certainly isn’t at all common anymore. Our civilization is degenerative. The symbol of mortal death rules our world. Look at the Skull & Bones in politics & business and the crucifixion symbol in the dominant religion. The symbolism of ALL the worlds religion will find their lineage in the Nile valley which runs south to north out of the heart of Africa.

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