The original Madonna

The  Black Madonna is one of the keys behind Christianity’s mysterious origins. This rather odd worship of a Black faced Madonna can be seen in European shrines across the globe from churches in Russia to the Vatican in Rome. It is not so odd if you consider the 3 African popes and the 4 African Emperors who served in the first 400 years of the common era.

Religion has always served as an effective coagulant in keeping an empire together. Christianity served this specific purpose for the Roman empire in many ways in order to connect the faiths of all the indigenous hues within the empire as well as to convert those “savages” opposed to “God”. Now of course, who is defined as the “savage” and what constitutes a just concept of “God” is all relative.

Most of the populations of the earth belonged to various races of “color” and therefore most of the lands acquired by the Holy Roman empire outside of Europe were shades of Blackness. Really go take a look at a map or globe and see the continents and its people. The trickles of African blood formed the hues of this planet. This has been proven to be true from North America to Asia to India to the Middle east.  African roots & its Black bloodline is by far a worldwide majority upon this planet. We see the shades the complexions…and ignore the roots.

There was a time when Africa and its “Blackness” was still revered as the center of high science, mathematics, metaphysics & the origin of spirituality & theology. Long before Egyptian Blackness faded from the white washed invasions of Greek, Roman, Persian & Arab bloodlines, the color Black was truly revered as being symbolic of the root power, human origins & even the personification of the  highest creator. Christianity shares a virgin birth (self begotten) parable along with the concepts of death & renewal – crucifixion & resurrection with many other religious cultures that were trickled across the globe.

The oldest of these symbolic virgin Mary “Madonna” stories we find at the foot of the Nile,  in the heart of Africa where there was already a matured legendary civilization at 10,000 B.C. That is 10k years before the common era of Christian interpretation. The Greek “father of history” Herotodus clearly states that all civilizations are mere infants in comparison to Egypt. We also know the Nile river runs South to North and it has been proven that KMT (Egypt) is the great grandchild of Ethiopia, an even older civilization. Yet we find the first Black Madonna still worshiped today in the Vatican in the form of Ast (Isis) holding Hru (Horus). A sculpture of this original Kemetian-Egyptian virgin birth story was taken directly out of the lands of KMT (Egpyt) and sits in the Vatican today. Why?

Ast (Isis) gives birth to the redeemer Hru (Horus-Hero) by way of divine inspiration (phallus of Osiris) and the trio make up the TRINITY.  When researching  this “Egyptian Myth” even further the efforts to be reborn (resurrected) to thus be refined is challenged by Set -the antagonist, the fallen angel, the tempter and tester, the obstacle to overcome. He is Saturn for the Romans & Satan for the Christians. The Osirian myth, as it has come to be known, is incredibly similar to the Christian virgin birth symbolism which emerges thousands of years later.

The story of this virgin birth has boldly survived upon the temple walls in KMT for countless of years. Daring any true scholar to deny its existence, interpretation or carbon dating results. To deny this history is to live a lie.  The accepted linear view of progressive civilization has stunted our growth by undermining our origins. All of humanity has a responsibility to reclaim truth and therefore reclaim a proper perspective of the past & a clear interpretation of the present in order to evolve in the future.

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