The Hidden Son

The cipher of code. While reading an elementary book entitled The First Book of Codes and Ciphers a layered lotus flower emerged. Code & Cipher arrange the building blocks of language, high science & life itself. Our entire human existence is experienced through symbol.

The expression of the materialized, verbalized or written symbol is defined & governed by code. Codes & ciphers communicate mental seeds of intention to form physical expressions of creation. “In the beginning was the word”.  The thought seed is planted in the fertile soil of the mind & then expressed by a defined code.

Values & vibrations are placed upon letters which form words & words symbolize the flow of complete thought. The cypher. The Code is the order in which these letters & words are constructed, defined & then decoded (interpretted) which in turn determines the communicated telepathic interpersonal expression.

Decoding speech is the essence of verbal communication.  Vibration (etheric motion)  is strategically trapped within the confines of language code and symbolized by sound (frequency) in order to relay compound concepts & expressions. This is the trinity between letters, words, & ideas. Encoded symbols express compacted ideas which are predefined by their code like the expression of a plant or fruit  is pre-defined by its seed’s intention.

Whomever shall possess the pass key can open the doors to understanding as well as RE-defining the meanings of the code. The seed. The Origin. Original intent. This is why words & names are so powerful and why understanding the Root of words give us insight. Decoding the encoded Atom. The intent within the letter. The letter within the envelope.

The code of Dna parallels the power of the name as they both reveal their coded intention. Mathematical equations, genome codes and pig latin are all solving for X.  All the building blocks of our reality are rooted in code by way of symbol. Deciphering (decoding) expressions reveal to us the hidden intent.

Everything is in motion and thus all manifested things are merely representations (symbols) of thoughts & intention (code).  A symbol. RE-defining our symbols gives us dominion over our symbols & thus empowers the decoder (”seer”, illuminated one, pass key holder, or code breaker) with the ability to redefine his/her realized world & potential Universe. Symbol harnesses the very expression of an idea and capsulizes the Code. The encoded symbol is the seed of creation. The symbol X marks the spot!

The communication of a codes intent is telepathic. Vibratory waves (motion) relay coded psychological, biological & spiritual information. Redefining encoded language is a high science.  The re-creation of man itself. The reclamation of our Godly state. Who defines the tones & numerical value placed upon your expressions? Who determines the intended meaning of the words you use? Hidden languages and hidden meanings wield esoteric power by their very nature of being unknown.

Definition is the muscle of creation as an intended code unfolds its intended reality. Reclaiming the word of man and the balance of the universe is in our hands. We must decode this spell placed upon our language, our symbols & our mentalities. Monitor & decode the various toxic intentions encoded in what you believe in & repeat, eat & digest, and live & die for. The word is the vibration which brings thought forms to life. Reclaim your language & expression for life.

Codes are nestled in the seed of thought forms & letters which then transform into words which bring these thought forms into fruition by order. Reclaim the pass key and decode your world so that you can decode yourself  & reprogram your Universal reality.  The 2 factions of knowledge still wage war: The coder & the decoder. The darkness that defines the light. Our quest to find the sol of man’s key continues.

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