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Our school system is the cradle of our youth as well as the direction of our minds & hearts. What we are spoon fed as truth & history in our text books and within the classrooms of our children shape our reality and veils the connection & understanding of ourselves, our world & our universe . Pay attention to the words we use & the illogical history we accept as reality. Think for a minute. Really think about what exactly we learn in school .

In our generation & in our parents generation the practical knowledge of our environment is decreasing while the methods to keep social control & order by condition has been increasing.  Thus we are creating generations of educated zombies. Slews of graduates with no clue of the environment, the planet nor the universe. There is no trace of spirituality in our educational system beyond mans biblical dictation.

Our progress has been stymied. Free thinking is not free and common sense isnt common at all. Its much easier & more profitable to go along with the crowd.  We are taught to link our whole being into the production of wealth..what we do is who we are & thus how much $ we make determines status identity, power & prestige. Class.

In a society ran by materialism, capitalism & group conditioning techniques there is no room for mental progress. Structured efficiency, obedience, & blind faith are promoted in all of our social structures. We are taught to go to class and receive a certain degree saying we have retained, affirmed & regurgitated enough “accepted doctrine” & mental direction for a particular subject(s) & paid enough $tuition to be considered qualified to know about this or that concerning whatever subjective curriculum . This is not a critique of education itself, but rather a critique of the overall structure and how it is controlled & created in such a way as to follow the agenda of this family Empire whom I reveal throughout this website.

Our history is cast aside, truths disguised & lies dressed in fitted robes. Our reality is downloaded to us from second to minute to hour to day to year to lifetime to generation..

We of course are not told about the history of the banking system and the dollar bill and the funny symbols written all over it. We are not told about our connections to the planets and stars nor about the ancient wonders on this planet and how all these are connected to us as spiritual beings having a hue-man experience. How to make fire? How to purify water? How to harnest wind? How to spark electricity & then..whalah..light?

We are purposely taught things that will discourage us to learn anything about our history. We are taught to disassociate from Africa as much as we can. Discredit her contributions. Extract her wealth, plunder her spirit & brainwashed her people. I can understand how coming to terms with these evil deeds can cause post traumatic stress to the guilt ridden soul of the rapist. Yet to the rest of human kind we have a duty to stand up for truth whether it be the pillage in Africa or the temples in Tibet or rain forest of South America or the sands of the middle east to the shores of Ireland. We are systematically taught so many aspects that allow us to roam around aimlessly in the matrix. We need these particular matrix toolbars to function in today’s world. Once we pull back the layers of B.S we will see that complete truth will reveal any shade.

It is up to us as collective conscious individuals to take advantage of this small seam in history. We are a chosen generation in the information age. We indeed have the option to take the blue pill or red pill. Will you swallow the reality of truth or take a sedative of fiction. For most, ignorance is indeed bliss. I dont blame you. Yet, would u want your child to be blissfully ignorant like a happy lab rat or truthfully empowered as a free spiritual being?

Are we really modern? Civilized? Advanced? Is this a linear time of progression or is our world deteriorating? Progression & advancement is all relative upon what we deem as success, civilized & advanced. Wars have increased, poverty has increased, murder has increased, pollution has increased, prisons have increased all the while our understanding of nature & our relationship to the universe has decreased. Is this progress? Yes we have many gadgets, trinkets & toys as we have become “educated dummies”. We strive to obtain degrees of assessing how well we can regurgitate & juggle spoon fed pin holes of  information. Independent thought has been undermined & therefore real progress and advancement has been stymied. Science, medicine & even spiritual development are now driven by the quicksand of materialism.

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