Veils of exclusion

In 1991 while enrolled at SUNY@ Albany I registered for an archeology class and considered pursuing my studies in archeology…

I was soon awakened to racism at the University level. My meticulous note taking was brought to an abrupt halt as if I was the only one to hear the soul wrenching screech on the classroom blackboard. My heart race increased and my palms instantly moistened.

The PHD wielding voice of the instructor proclaimed  “Egyptians were more arab like people but were not black or considered African“. Meanwhile the overhead visual projector displayed slides of Egyptian statues, cartouches and steles which show obvious African features which further fueled my bewilderment, anger & disdain.

Th Greek description of the inhabitants of the Nile evolved into the term “Egyptian” which literally means “burnt faces”! Egyptian statues, sculptures & paintings of African men & women who looked like me..Some very light, some very brown and in most cases much darker than the later dynasties. Midnight Black was revered. Most of the sculptures have “African” noses (when they were not mysteriously chiseled or shot off). Lips. HAIR. Obvious African features.

So after my shock subsided I raised my hand in slow motion.”Egypt is not considered part of Africa..” -this is the last PHD quote I heard lingering in the wind. “Excuse me?”, I replied.  This sent my rational mind and heart into a spiral. the class of 100 + turned their attention to me with irritated dispositions as if they didn’t see the same statues, geography & history that proves our instructor to be a liar. This is a not concept, theory or opinion. Egypt (KMT) has always been in the land that is known as A frica & always will be.  Any real scholar knows this. The very insinuations & ignorance in trying to dissociate Egypt from its Black- African ROOTS is sinister.

This is a State University. 1991. So i politely ask the professor, “how could that be- Egypt is not a part of Africa?”. Basic understanding of historical evidence shows major Arab and Greek influence only appeared as a result of war/invasions during the latter dynasties. All the cultures of the world were greatly touched by the culture of Egypt (KMT). The way any parent gives inspiration to an offspring. The “fathers” figures of the bible (Moses; Thutmoses), “modern”science/math (pythagoras), & politics/philosophy (plato/socrates) were all known to have been schooled in Egypt. Ancient KMT was the world’s center for learning until the foreign wars/invasions coupled with influx of foreign rule (Hyksos, Greek, Arab) brought decline & ultimate extinction to a stolen legacy.

Egypt is indisputably in Africa & the Egyptians were and always will be indisputably African..” Can you say “institutionalized racism?”. The professor also gave the bizarre explanation for the skin complexion of the Egyptian by explaining,  “most of the women were yellow or olive complexion and most of the men were brown or bronze skinned””  WTF!!!”..1991…wow..look at the statues & art for yourself and then ask why are they lying so badly. Who chopped off the noses?

What is the big secret?

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